Joe Dallin's Perfect


"Perfect is a deeply moving and eloquent narrative of a story that happens all too often.  That Joe not only survived, but is thriving and now able to share his journey is a fine contribution from which many will benefit.  This book should be read by all people of religion who still choose fear over love."

-- Carol Lynn Pearson, author of Goodbye, I Love You and No More Goodbyes


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by Joseph Dallin
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"Joe Dallin's book is extraordinary. I have never read anything before that so painfully articulates the reality of growing up gay in a gay-adverse culture. It will have all of its readers reassessing their understanding and their treatment of our gay brothers and sisters. Perfect is a monumental achievement that will impact its readers like no other on the subject of homosexuality."

Gary M. Watts, M.D.Co-Chair, LDS Family Fellowship
Former National Board Member of PFLAG